Natasha Blush and Lindsay Parnell are collaborative cross-disciplinary artists that combine their individual interests in dance, sculpture, and time based art. They are currently focusing on wet felting as a performative process.

“As collaborative artists we focus on relationships – with each other, with our body, and with physical spaces. Our work is performative and the objects that we create act as documentation of our shared experiences. These ongoing felt works are playful and bright, inspiring viewers to join in on the warm soapy making. Wet felting is a process that is not exact or time consuming and often we ask for volunteers to join us and learn the basic skills in exchange for their attention. Finished pieces are messy, honest in their handmade qualities and the variety of participants. We hope that by performing our conversations and processes we inspire viewers to draw connections between our actions and the interactions of our community. Can some of the attention and care that they give this process also be used to heal the people around us?”